Teflon Fluorine Coating

Non-stickness Fluorine resin coating by nature does not stick, so it delivers a non-stick surface even in a thin coat.
Heat resistance Fluorine resin coating has heat resistance and also low-temperature. Fluorine resin coating has heat resistance and also low-temperature characteristics under continuous use is effective in the range of minus 260°C (-436°F) to 260°C (500°F) and can withstand up to 310°C (590°F) if intermittent.
Low friction coefficient The friction coefficient of fluorine resin coating under some conditions can change due to the load and sliding, but it has low coefficient of friction, from 0.04 to 0.02.
Non-wettability (Non-wetting characteristics) Since fluorine resin coating resists water and oil, it can not be wetted by most of the solution, and has stain-resistant properties.It contributes to efficiency by simplifying cleaning, something that labor-saving in the manufacturing process.
Electrical characteristics Fluorine resin coating has anti-static properties.
Chemical resistance The majority of the fluorine resin coating is not immersed in most of the chemical.


Household goods Fluorine resin processing benefits a wide-range of household goods utilizing a non-stick surface application such as frying pans, gas rice cooker, kettles, various pots and hot plates, various cake molds, ice trays, rice cake making machines, confectionery trays, juicer filters and tabletop fryers. It is also widely applicable to irons and lawn mowers for home appliances.
Industrial component & equipment Applications to industrial parts and equipments are diverse and can be found in various industries – from precision parts and nuts bolts to heavy goods weighing more than a ton, such as the flat rubber belt of a mold, it has been widely used. In addition, fluorine resin coating is ideal for using as a solid lubricant in cylinders or ball valves. Specific usage:Plugs, valves, auto parts, machinery parts, paper feed guides, tape feeding devices, bearings, piston rings, Drums for fiber cutting machines, packaging machines, the feeder of a hopper, molds for Styrofoam, copy rolls, printer rolls, etc.
Food manufacture industry Fluorine resin coating is also rapidly expanding in popularity – through the use of non stick property and inertness in peripheral parts, manufacturing process parts and automatic packaging machinery in a wide range of food-related equipment including bakery equipment, confectionery and frozen food processing, patty making, as well as agricultural and marine products and processed goods. The food industry in particular is concerned about hygiene and the impact of food on the human body, fluorine resin coating can be safely-used. It has contributed to speeding up process and lower costs in manufacturing. Specific usage: bread and cake mold pans, flour mill rolls, bakery and confectionery machinery, conveyor belts, cutter blades, rice cake making machines.

Ceramic coating

Food Sanitation Law, the US / FDA approved Food Sanitation Law, USFDA (US Food and Drug Administration) Safety test passed.
Innocuous It does not contain Heavy metals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and does not emit toxic substances such as PFOA at the point of use.
Non-adhesive Exert the difficulty of excellent non-stick.
High hardness coating Pencil hardness of 7H - 9H, a metal spatula will not affect its performance.
Heat and cold resistance No abnormality at the time of continuous use under conditions of -50°C~+400°C
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